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What does your company do in one sentence?

What industry is your startup in?

Eligibility Questionnaire

Fil Rouge Capital can not invest in certain sectors so please check that your business does not engage in following activities.
Illegal Economic Activities. Any production, trade or other activity, which is illegal under the laws or regulations of the home jurisdiction for such production, trade or activity. Human cloning for reproduction purposes is considered an Illegal Economic Activity in the context of these Guidelines.
Tobacco and Distilled Alcoholic Beverages. The production of and trade in tobacco and distilled alcoholic beverages and related products.
Production of and Trade in Weapons and Ammunition. Production of and Trade in Weapons and Ammunition.
Casinos. Casinos and equivalent enterprises.
IT Sector Restrictions. Research, development or technical applications relating to electronic data programs or solutions, which (i) aim specifically at: (a) supporting any activity included in the EIF Restricted Sectors referred to under 2. a to d above; (b) internet gambling and online casinos; or (c) pornography, or which (ii) are intended to enable to illegally (a) enter into electronic data networks; or (b) download electronic data.
Life Science Sector Restrictions. When providing support to the financing of the research, development or technical applications relating to: (i) human cloning for research or therapeutic purposes; or (ii) Genetically Modified Organisms (“GMOs”). EIF will require from the EIF counterpart appropriate specific assurance on the control of legal, regulatory and ethical issues linked to such human cloning for research or therapeutic purposes and/or Genetically Modified Organisms.
Common Agricultural Policy. We can not invest into the products whose manufacture, processing and marketing falls within the area of the Common Agricultural Policy.
More details can be found here.
Fil Rouge Capital is not allowed to make investments in the sectors above. Is your startup active in any of sectors written above?

Is your enterprise owned or controlled by a person or persons who own other enterprises?

Staff count including contractors is lower than 250?

Annual turnover under 50,000,000 EUR?

Total assets under 43,000,000 EUR?

Is your main operating company in Croatia?

What is the total staff, including contractors, in your main operating company?

How many developers do you currently have?

How many more developers do you need to hire?

Have you received any grants from an EU sponsored institution?

Please declare all previous EU grants or state aid that you have received in the last 36 months. Please report the name of the project, total funding received and explain if this funding is can be regarded as de minimis and/or state aid.

Project has a neutral effect (meets the legal minimum), i.e. has no negative effect on horizontal policies: gender equality and non-discrimination, accessibility for persons with disabilities and sustainable development; or has a positive effect on horizontal policies: gender equality and non-discrimination, accessibility for persons with disabilities and sustainable development.


What is the pain point that you are solving ? For whom / which target segment?

What is your USP (Unique Selling Preposition) – your secret sauce?

Do you have any intellectual property protection for your solution. If yes, please describe.

Do you have a Minimal Viable Product or service? If yes, how many users does it have?

What is the size and growth rate of the market that you are entering?

Do you have any competition on the market?

Do you have paying customers? If yes, what is your revenue and business model ? If no, how will you earn money?

In what stage of development is your product?

What is your traction to date? What kind of growth are you recording in the last 3 months?

Year-end revenue and cash? Major milestones till the end of the year.

How do you plan to develop your product in the long term (3 to 5 years)?

What is your go-to-market strategy?

What is the vision for your business in the next five years? How do you see your exit?

In the following three months where will you spend the most time: product or business development?

Do you need a professional team to assist you in a accelerating your development?


Please provide us with the short description for each founder, their responsibilities in this startup, years of experience, credentials and their Linkedin profiles. Which founders are fully committed and work only for this startup?


How much money are you raising in EUR (eg. 10.000 EUR, 25.000 EUR, 50.000 EUR, 250.000 EUR, 1.000.000 EUR...)?

At what valuation?

Do you have any potential co-investors?

When are you closing the investment round?

Pitch Deck

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How to create and what to include in a Pitch Deck can be found here.