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What does your company do in one sentence?

How will you win and become a superstar?

How big is the market that you are addressing?

What is the pain point that you are solving, what is the competition and what is your USP?

Are you in revenue? If so, give details of your historic and recent revenues and your business model. Describe your typical customer.

How big is your team and where are you located? Who is working on this full time, and who part time? What are your credentials to be the best in this?

Is this your first raise? If not describe previous rounds (amount, valuation, timing and investors).

How much are you raising now and when and at what valuation? Do you have any soft/hard commitments?

How will this raise transform your business?

Who do you think will buy your business?

Pitch Deck

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How to create and what to include in a Pitch Deck can be found here.